Six Flags Astroworld (Defunct)

Houston, TX, USA

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Former coasters

Batman The Escape (#118)
Intamin AG, 1993, Steel, Defunct
Batman The Escape
Greezed Lightnin' (#120)
Schwarzkopf, 1978, Steel, Defunct
Greezed Lightnin'
Mayan Mindbender (#123)
Vekoma, 1995, Steel, Defunct
Mayan Mindbender
Serial Thriller (#121)
Vekoma, 1999, Steel, Defunct
Serial Thriller
Serpent (#124)
Arrow Dynamics, 1969, Steel, Defunct
Texas Cyclone (#116)
Bill Cobb, 1976, Wood, Defunct
Texas Cyclone
Ultra Twister (#117)
Togo, 1990, Steel, Defunct
Ultra Twister
Viper (#122)
Schwarzkopf, 1989, Steel, Defunct
XLR-8 (#119)
Arrow Dynamics, 1984, Steel, Defunct