Six Flags Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico

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Current coasters

Batman The Ride (#923)
Vekoma, 2000, Steel
Batman The Ride
Boomerang (#924)
Vekoma, 1988, Steel
Dark Knight (#2111)
Mack Rides, 2009, Steel
Dark Knight
Joker (#2112)
Gerstlauer, 2013, Steel
Medusa Steel Coaster (#2110)
Rocky Mountain, 2014, Steel
Medusa Steel Coaster
Superman el Último Escape (#920)
Morgan, 2004, Steel
Superman el Último Escape
Superman Krypton Coaster (#922)
Vekoma, 1993, Steel
Superman Krypton Coaster
Tsunami (#925)
Zierer, 1981, Steel


Former coasters

Medusa (#921)
Custom Coasters, 2000, Wood, Defunct