Six Flags St Louis

Eureka, MO, USA

A photograph album from this park is available at

American Thunder (#1501)
Great Coasters, 2008, Wood
American Thunder
Batman The Ride (#150)
Bolliger & Mabillard, 1995, Steel
Batman The Ride
Boomerang (Reloc #134)
Vekoma, 2013, Steel
Boss (#151)
Custom Coasters, 2000, Wood
Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast (#152)
Premier Rides, 1998, Steel
Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast
Ninja (#154)
Vekoma, 1989, Steel
Pandemonium (#1500)
Gerstlauer, 2007, Steel
River King Mine Train (#153)
Arrow Dynamics, 1971, Steel
River King Mine Train
Screamin' Eagle (#155)
PTC, 1976, Wood
Screamin' Eagle