My Corkscrew with Bayerncurve List

Eight versions of the Corkscrew with Bayernkurve were built by Vekoma between 1979-1985. Four remain in operation as of 2017. The only one I never managed to ride was retired from Walibi Belgium at the end of 2002.


Current coasters

Apocalypse (Reloc #46)
Lunapark Cap d'Agde
2012, Steel
Star Mountain (#1891)
Beto Carrero World
1993, Steel
Star Mountain


Former coasters

Corkscrew (#73)
Alton Towers
1980, Steel
Corkscrew (#46)
Flamingo Land
1983, Steel
Super Manège (#864)
La Ronde
1981, Steel
Super Manège
Super Wirbel (#322)
Holiday Park
1979, Steel
Super Wirbel