My Jet Star 2 List

The Jet Star 2 was an upgraded version of the Jet Star 1 that added a powered spiral lift and higher capacity cars. Two remain in operation as of 2022, with a third SBNO at Vaikų Pasaulis.

(See also City Jet and Jumbo Jet).


Current coasters

Jet Star 2 (#1041)
1976, Steel
Jet Star 2
Jet Star 3 (Reloc #1001)
Lunapark Robland
2009, Steel
Jet Star 3


SBNO coasters


Former coasters

Black Hole (#72)
Alton Towers
1983, Steel
Black Hole
Jet Star 3 (#1001)
Parken Zoo
2001, Steel
Jet Star 3
Rocket (Reloc #72)
2011, Steel