My Junior 207m List

Vekoma make three different production model family coasters, of which the larger two are by far the most common. This page lists the various versions of the 207 metre model that I've been on; you can find my list for the 335 metre model here.


Current coasters

Achterbahn (#1422)
1989, Steel
Ant Farm Express (#412)
Wild Adventures
2000, Steel
Ant Farm Express
Backyardigans Mission to Mars (#313)
Movie Park Germany
1996, Steel
Backyardigans Mission to Mars
Déval'Train (#1548)
Parc des Combes
2003, Steel
Gadget's Go Coaster (#273)
1993, Steel
Gadget's Go Coaster
Gadget's Go Coaster (#606)
Tokyo Disneyland
1995, Steel
Gadget's Go Coaster
Jul's RollerSkates (#482)
1993, Steel
Jul's RollerSkates
Junior Roller Coaster (#2179)
Tokushima Familyland
1998, Steel
Junior Roller Coaster
Maximus (#31)
Crealy Park
2000, Steel
Merlin's Revenge (#1143)
Castle Amusement Park
2001, Steel
Merlin's Revenge
Navel Coaster (#2169)
Shibukawa Skyland
1998, Steel
Navel Coaster
Pinestar (#952)
Porto Europa
1998, Steel
Road Runner Express (#1731)
Six Flags Magic Mountain
2011, Steel
Road Runner Express
Roller Skater (#1435)
Enchanted Kingdom
1995, Steel
Roller Skater
Roller Skater (#164)
Kentucky Kingdom
1994, Steel
Roller Skater
Roller Skater (#563)
Kijima Kogen
2000, Steel
Roller Skater
Sprocket Rockets (#713)
Six Flags Great America
1998, Steel
Sprocket Rockets
Svalbard Expressen (#1491)
2000, Steel
Svalbard Expressen
Tami-Tami (#208)
Port Aventura
1998, Steel
Wally Whales Deep Dive Adventure (#1302)
Farglory Ocean Park
2002, Steel
Wally Whales Deep Dive Adventure
Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster (#435)
Universal Studios Florida
1999, Steel
Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster


Former coasters

Coaster (#1568)
1996, Steel
Kumdori Coaster (#1077)
Kumdori Land
1993, Steel
Kumdori Coaster
Mini Mine Train (#254)
Pleasure Island
1993, Steel
Mini Mine Train