My Junior 207m List

See also 247m and 335m pages.


Current coasters

Achterbahn (#1425)
1989, Steel
Backyardigans Mission to Mars (#313)
Movie Park Germany
1996, Steel
Backyardigans Mission to Mars
Déval'Train (#1552)
Parc des Combes
2003, Steel
Gadget's Go Coaster (#273)
1993, Steel
Gadget's Go Coaster
Gadget's Go Coaster (#608)
Tokyo Disneyland
1995, Steel
Gadget's Go Coaster
Jul's RollerSkates (#484)
1993, Steel
Jul's RollerSkates
Junior Roller Coaster (#2183)
Tokushima Familyland
1998, Steel
Junior Roller Coaster
Maximus (#31)
Crealy Park
2000, Steel
Merlin's Revenge (#1146)
Castle Amusement Park
2001, Steel
Merlin's Revenge
Navel Coaster (#2173)
Shibukawa Skyland
1998, Steel
Navel Coaster
Outpost Express (#413)
Wild Adventures
2000, Steel
Outpost Express
Pinestar (#954)
Porto Europa
1998, Steel
Road Runner Express (#1735)
Six Flags Magic Mountain
2011, Steel
Road Runner Express
Roller Skater (#1438)
Enchanted Kingdom
1995, Steel
Roller Skater
Roller Skater (#164)
Kentucky Kingdom
1994, Steel
Roller Skater
Roller Skater (#565)
Kijima Kogen
2000, Steel
Roller Skater
Sprocket Rockets (#715)
Six Flags Great America
1998, Steel
Sprocket Rockets
Superman Krypton Coaster (#922)
Six Flags Mexico
1993, Steel
Superman Krypton Coaster
Svalbard Expressen (#1494)
2000, Steel
Svalbard Expressen
Tami-Tami (#208)
Port Aventura
1998, Steel
Wally Whales Deep Dive Adventure (#1305)
Farglory Ocean Park
2002, Steel
Wally Whales Deep Dive Adventure
Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse (#436)
Universal Studios Florida
1999, Steel
Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse


Former coasters

Coaster (#1572)
1996, Steel
Kumdori Coaster (#1080)
Kumdori Land
1993, Steel
Kumdori Coaster
Mini Mine Train (#254)
Pleasure Island
1993, Steel
Mini Mine Train