My Junior 335m List

Vekoma make three different production model family coasters, of which the larger two are by far the most common. This page lists the various versions of the 335 metre model that I've been on; you can find my list for the 207 metre model here.


Current coasters

Delfinexpressen (#1648)
2009, Steel
Energuś Roller Coaster (#2230)
2015, Steel
Energuś Roller Coaster
Family Coaster (#1322)
Dream Park
1998, Steel
Family Coaster
Flight of the Hippogriff (#2377)
Universal Studios Japan
2014, Steel
Flight of the Hippogriff
Innovative Roller Coaster (#2015)
Innovative Film City
2009, Steel
Innovative Roller Coaster
K3 Roller Skater (#696)
Plopsaland De Panne
1990, Steel
K3 Roller Skater
Mine Express (#1308)
Lihpao Land
2001, Steel
Mine Express
Mine Expressen (#244)
Fårup Sommerland
1992, Steel
Mine Expressen
Mine Train Coaster (#2568)
Dragon Park
2017, Steel
Mine Train Coaster
Road Runner Rollercoaster (#1124)
Warner Bros. Movie World
2000, Steel
Road Runner Rollercoaster
Woodstock Express (#17)
Cedar Point
1999, Steel
Woodstock Express


Former coasters

Bushwhacker (#393)
Ratanga Junction
1998, Steel
Family Adventure (#506)
2001, Steel
Family Adventure