My Fabbri Power Mouse List

This ride type used to be known as Spinning Madness.


Current coasters

Himalaya (#1579)
Adhari Park
2006, Steel
Mad Mouse (M&Ds) (#772)
Northern Irish Fairs
2006, Steel
Mad Mouse (M&Ds)
Mad Mouse (#1654)
2009, Steel
Mad Mouse
Neo's Twister (#2686)
2011, Steel
Neo's Twister
Roof Junior Coaster (#1628)
E-DA Theme Park
2010, Steel
Roof Junior Coaster
Space Mouse (#1366)
2009, Steel
Space Mouse
Spinning Madness (#1369)
Zoosafari Fasanolandia
2007, Steel
Spinning Madness


Former coasters

Family Star (#1671)
Sommerland Syd
2011, Steel
Family Star