My Soquet List

Soquet is a relatively small ride manufacturer, albeit one with a substantial market share in France. Only a handful of Soquet rides can be found in other countries.

In June 2014 I completed the set of all operational coasters built by Soquet.


Current coasters

Azteca (#902)
Le Pal
2003, Steel
Cacahuète Express (Powered)
Parc Fenestre
2016, Steel
Cacahuète Express
Corsaire (#1202)
Cobac Parc
2007, Steel
Diabelska Pętla (Reloc #358)
2007, Steel
Diabelska Pętla
Doble Loop (#1712)
Salitre Magico
2004, Steel
Doble Loop
Drakkar Express (#684)
1997, Steel
Drakkar Express
Drakkar (#1210)
2000, Steel
Fort d'Odin (#683)
Parc du Bocasse
2004, Steel
Fort d'Odin
Gaz Express (#691)
1987, Steel
Gaz Express
Grand Canyon (#901)
Fraispertuis City
2002, Steel
Grand Canyon
King (Vancraeyenest) (#3)
French Fairs
1998, Steel
King (Vancraeyenest)
King (Reloc #3)
Azur Park
2008, Steel
Lost City of Gold (#1320)
Sunway Lagoon
1994, Steel
Lost City of Gold
Machine à Vapeur (Powered)
Jardin d'Acclimatation
1999, Steel
Machine à Vapeur
Montaña Rusa (#1706)
Karting Cross
2009, Steel
Montaña Rusa
Speed Chenille (Powered/Reloc)
2014, Steel
Speed Chenille
Spirale des Dunes (#693)
1996, Steel
Spirale des Dunes
Tacot en Folie (#1203)
Parc Ange Michel
2008, Steel
Tacot en Folie
Train de la Mine (#1205)
Papéa Parc
1995, Steel
Train de la Mine
Train de la Mine (#1211)
2002, Steel
Train de la Mine
Train de la Mine (#1519)
La Coccinelle
2009, Steel
Train de la Mine


Former coasters

Chenille Fantastique (Powered)
Parc Fenestre
2004, Steel
Chenille Fantastique
Chenille (Powered)
Fami Parc
2002, Steel
Grand 8 TGV (Powered)
Florida Parc
2006, Steel
Grand 8 TGV
Rolling Thunder Mine Train (#1316)
Genting Theme Park
1994, Steel
Rolling Thunder Mine Train
Train du Colorado (#353)
Mer de Sable
2000, Steel
Train du Colorado