My Zig Zag List

Zamperla built a total of seven Wild Mouse coasters around the turn of the millennium. All of them remain in operation as of 2016.


Current coasters

Crazy Mouse (#845)
Playland Park
2003, Steel
Crazy Mouse
Doo Wopper (#788)
Morey's Piers
2005, Steel
Doo Wopper
Klondike Gold Rusher (#1064)
Wild Waves Theme Park
2002, Steel
Klondike Gold Rusher
Toboggan Nordique (#868)
La Ronde
2003, Steel
Toboggan Nordique
Twist'n'Shout (Reloc #757)
Family Kingdom Amusement Park
2013, Steel
Woodstock Express (#899)
Walibi Rhône-Alpes
2002, Steel
Woodstock Express


Former coasters

Twist'n'Shout (#757)
Magic Springs
2000, Steel