Brazilian Fairs

Brazil, Travelling

Brucomela (Ita Center Park) (#1898)
Unknown, 2013, Steel
Brucomela (Ita Center Park)
Happy Mountain (Moreno's) (#1885)
Tres Eixos, 2013, Steel
Happy Mountain (Moreno's)
Montanha Russa (Moreno's) (#1884)
Pinfari, 2013, Steel
Montanha Russa (Moreno's)
Roller Coaster (Park Tupa) (#1893)
Pinfari, 2013, Steel
Roller Coaster (Park Tupa)
Zyklon Loop (Ita Center Park) (#1897)
Pinfari, 2013, Steel
Zyklon Loop (Ita Center Park)

NB: The opening year and country quoted for a travelling coaster is based on when and where I first rode it.