Dutch Fairs

Netherlands, Travelling

Current coasters

Bugs & Bees (#1022)
Hendriks, Martin
DAL, 2007, Steel Bugs & Bees
Crazy Clown (#2284)
Buwalda, Colin
Unknown, 2016, Steel Crazy Clown
Grand Canyon (Powered)
CAM Baby Kart, 2006, Steel Grand Canyon
Magic Mouse (#1742)
Buwalda, Colin
Reverchon, 2012, Steel Magic Mouse
Spinning Coaster (Reloc #86)
Buwalda, Colin
Reverchon, 2013, Steel Spinning Coaster
Super Mouse (#767)
de Voer, Hans
Reverchon, 2006, Steel Super Mouse


Former coasters

Big Apple (#1021)
Ordelman, Ad
Pinfari, 2007, Steel, Defunct Big Apple
Big Roller Coaster (#1020)
Buwalda, Colin
Pinfari, 2007, Steel, Defunct Big Roller Coaster
Crash Test (#1948)
Hendriks, Martin
Cedeal Rides, 2013, Steel, Defunct Crash Test
Dragon (#1741)
Moonen, Niek
DAL, 2012, Steel, Defunct Dragon
Fun4All (#1949)
J.F.A. van Dam
DAL, 2013, Steel, Defunct Fun4All
London City Coaster (Reloc #1195)
Buwalda, Nico
Pinfari, 2012, Steel, Defunct London City Coaster
Spinning Coaster XXL (#2144)
Buwalda, Colin
Concept Rides, 2015, Steel, Defunct Spinning Coaster XXL

NB: The opening year and country quoted for a travelling coaster is based on when and where I first rode it. Coasters marked as defunct may continue to operate in other countries or with different owners.