French Fairs

France, Travelling

Current coasters

1000 Pattes (Kopp) (#2285)
Pinfari, 2016, Steel
1000 Pattes (Kopp)
1001 Pattes (Guevar) (#1347)
Pinfari, 2009, Steel
1001 Pattes (Guevar)
1001 Pattes (Perc) (#2428)
Unknown, 2018, Steel
1001 Pattes (Perc)
Big Apple (Villette) (Reloc #1550)
Pinfari, 2017, Steel
Big Apple (Villette)
Crazy Mouse (Degousset) (#225)
Reverchon, 2004, Steel
Crazy Mouse (Degousset)
Goulis (Coppier) (#1551)
Unknown, 2010, Steel
Goulis (Coppier)
Infernal Toboggan (Lapère) (#224)
SDC, 2004, Steel
Infernal Toboggan (Lapère)
Jamming (Dieudonné) (#688)
Barbisan, 2006, Steel
Jamming (Dieudonné)
Jet Star (Montalétang) (Reloc #1207)
Schwarzkopf, 2018, Steel
Jet Star (Montalétang)
King (Vancraeyenest) (#3)
Soquet, 1998, Steel
King (Vancraeyenest)
La Pomme (Guevar) (#689)
Pinfari, 2006, Steel
La Pomme (Guevar)
La Pomme [Chain] (Pouget) (#2354)
Unknown, 2017, Steel
La Pomme [Chain] (Pouget)
La Pomme [Tyres] (Pouget) (#1746)
Unknown, 2012, Steel
La Pomme [Tyres] (Pouget)
La Pomme (#2715)
Unknown, 2019, Steel
La Pomme
Roller Coaster (Kiener) (Reloc #1248)
Pinfari, 2017, Steel
Roller Coaster (Kiener)
Speedy Gonzales (Jaucy) (#690)
Cavazza Diego, 2006, Steel
Speedy Gonzales (Jaucy)
Super Railway (Paillet) (#2070)
Unknown, 2014, Steel
Super Railway (Paillet)
Taxi Driver (Charles) (#1805)
Unknown, 2012, Steel
Taxi Driver (Charles)


Former coasters

Big Apple (Naisse) (#1550)
Pinfari, 2010, Steel, Defunct
Big Apple (Naisse)
Indiana Jones Le Temple Maudit (#2333)
SDC, 2017, Steel, Defunct
Indiana Jones Le Temple Maudit
Jet (Lapère) (#2)
Schwarzkopf, 1998, Steel, Defunct
Jet (Lapère)

NB: The opening year and country quoted for a travelling coaster is based on when and where I first rode it.