German Fairs

Germany, Travelling

Current coasters

Alpen Coaster (Reloc #1359)
Vorlop, Lutz
Schwarzkopf, 2020, Steel Alpen Coaster
Alpina Bahn (#301)
Bruch, Familie
Schwarzkopf, 2004, Steel Alpina Bahn
Berg & Tal (#1421)
Schneider, August
Pinfari, 2009, Steel Berg & Tal
Coco Beach (Reloc #1416)
Kaiser, Anton
S&MC, 2016, Steel Coco Beach
Crazy Jungle (#2043)
Luxem, Tanja
SBF Rides, 2014, Steel Crazy Jungle
Crazy Mouse (#1947)
FTE Ahrend
Reverchon, 2013, Steel Crazy Mouse
Crazy Mouse (Reloc #54)
Janßen, Thilo
Reverchon, 2011, Steel Crazy Mouse
Gold Rusher (#2837)
Bügler & Sohn
SBF Rides, 2019, Steel Gold Rusher
Heidi - The Coaster (#2831)
Schneider & Co. OHG
Reverchon, 2019, Steel Heidi - The Coaster
High Explosive (#1339)
Vorlop, Lutz
Zierer, 2009, Steel High Explosive
Höllenblitz (Reloc #676)
Renoldi, Klaus
Stein, 2008, Steel Hollenblitz
Karibik-Coaster (#2542)
SBF Rides, 2018, Steel Karibik-Coaster
Mexico City (#1703)
Fischer, Diana
SDC, 2011, Steel Mexico City
Nessi (#3125)
Schuder, Bodo
Top Fun, 2024, Steel Nessi
Olympia Looping (#674)
Barth, Rudolf
Schwarzkopf, 2005, Steel Olympia Looping
Pirateninsel (#2833)
Kinzler, Willy
SBF Rides, 2019, Steel Pirateninsel
Racing Coaster (#2547)
Hartmann, Theodora
SBF Rides, 2018, Steel Racing Coaster
Rock & Roller Coaster (#768)
Vorlop, Lutz
Schwarzkopf, 2006, Steel Rock & Roller Coaster
Speedy (#2306)
Welte, Mandy
S&MC, 2016, Steel Speedy
Spinning Mouse (#3124)
Gebrüder Boos
Fabbri, 2024, Steel Spinning Mouse
Time Machine (#3121)
Buwalda, Colin
Reverchon, 2024, Steel Time Machine
Tom der Tiger (#2215)
SBF Rides, 2016, Steel Tom der Tiger
Tornado (Powered)
Wolters Domke
Zamperla, 2016, Steel Tornado
Twister (#2295)
Kaiser, Edmund
Eos Rides, 2016, Steel Twister
Wilde Maus (Left Lift) (#2832)
Münch, Renate und Peter
Mack Rides, 2019, Steel Wilde Maus (Left Lift)
Wilde Maus (Right Lift) (#1215)
Münch, Renate und Peter
Mack Rides, 2008, Steel Wilde Maus (Right Lift)
Wilde Maus XXL (#1802)
Eberhard, Max
Mack Rides, 2012, Steel Wilde Maus XXL
Wilde Maus (#1422)
Barth, Otto
Mack Rides, 2009, Steel Wilde Maus
Wilde Maus (#675)
Eberhard & Göbel
Mack Rides, 2005, Steel Wilde Maus
Wilder Clown (#3062)
Kaiser, Edmund
Pinfari, 2023, Steel Wilder Clown
X-Racer (#2044)
Klünder, Karl-Heinz
Maurer AG, 2014, Steel X-Racer


Former coasters

Black Hole (#302)
Schierenbeck, Heiko
Zierer, 2004, Steel, Defunct Black Hole
Cobra: Lost Kingdom (#1951)
Agtsch, Angelo
Interpark, 2013, Steel, Defunct Cobra: Lost Kingdom
Crazy Coaster (#2835)
Hartmann, Theodora
SBF Rides, 2019, Steel, Defunct Crazy Coaster
Doggy Dog (#2042)
Zinnecker, Michael
SBF Rides, 2014, Steel, Defunct Doggy Dog
Drifting Coaster (#2282)
FTE Ahrend
Reverchon, 2016, Steel, Defunct Drifting Coaster
Euro-Star (#769)
Bruch, Familie
Giovanola, 2006, Steel, Defunct Euro-Star
Feuer & Eis (Powered)
Courtney, Michael
Mack Rides, 2011, Steel, Defunct Feuer & Eis
Kuddel der Hai (#2142)
Belli, Sascha
SBF Rides, 2015, Steel, Defunct Kuddel der Hai
Silber Mine (#2283)
Bügler, Johann
SBF Rides, 2016, Steel, Defunct Silber Mine
Spinning Racer (#770)
Bruch, Familie
Maurer AG, 2006, Steel, Defunct Spinning Racer
Star World (#676)
Renoldi, Klaus
Stein, 2005, Steel, Defunct Star World
Teststrecke (Reloc #806)
Meyer & Steiger OHG
Schwarzkopf, 2009, Steel, Defunct Teststrecke
Wilde Maus (Left Lift) (#1413)
Mack Rides, 2009, Steel, Defunct Wilde Maus (Left Lift)
Wilde Maus (Right Lift) (#1157)
Mack Rides, 2008, Steel, Defunct Wilde Maus (Right Lift)
Willy der Wurm (#1950)
Roos, Frank
Pinfari, 2013, Steel, Defunct Willy der Wurm

NB: The opening year and country quoted for a travelling coaster is based on when and where I first rode it. Coasters marked as defunct may continue to operate in other countries or with different owners.