Irish Fairs

Ireland, Travelling

Current coasters

Caterpillar (Murray) (#2366)
Güven Lunapark, 2017, Steel
Caterpillar (Murray)
Curry's Wacky Worm (#1618)
SBF Rides, 2011, Steel
Curry's Wacky Worm
Dragon Coaster (McFadden) (Powered)
DAL, 2014, Steel
Dragon Coaster (McFadden)
Fun Mouse (Perks) (#1068)
DAL, 2007, Steel
Fun Mouse (Perks)
Gold Mine Express (Gillanes) (#680)
Sartori, 2006, Steel
Gold Mine Express (Gillanes)
Magic Mouse (Crow) (Reloc #375)
Reverchon, 2019, Steel
Magic Mouse (Crow)
Polar Express (Hendriks) (Powered/Reloc)
CAM Baby Kart, 2011, Steel
Polar Express (Hendriks)
Santa Express (Curry) (#2406)
Güven Lunapark, 2017, Steel
Santa Express (Curry)
Wild Mouse (Perks) (#1067)
Zamperla, 2007, Steel
Wild Mouse (Perks)
Worm (Glen Smith) (#378)
Sartori, 2004, Steel
Worm (Glen Smith)


Former coasters

Crazy Mouse (McFadden) (#1376)
Reverchon, 2009, Steel, Defunct
Crazy Mouse (McFadden)
Drachen (Swallow) (Powered)
Zamperla, 2012, Steel, Defunct
Drachen (Swallow)
Funderland Loop (Reloc #77)
Pinfari, 2015, Steel, Defunct
Funderland Loop
Shockwave (#1113)
Schwarzkopf, 2007, Steel, Defunct
Speed Loop (#5)
Pinfari, 1999, Steel, Defunct
Speed Loop
Wild Mouse (Bird) (#4)
Reverchon, 1999, Steel, Defunct
Wild Mouse (Bird)

NB: The opening year and country quoted for a travelling coaster is based on when and where I first rode it.