Northern Irish Fairs

Northern Ireland, Travelling

Current coasters

Frozen Coaster (#2419)
Wheatley, Reece
Güven Lunapark, 2018, Steel Frozen Coaster
Mad Mouse (#772)
GEA Global Events and Attractions
Fabbri, 2006, Steel Mad Mouse
Wacky Worm (#771)
GEA Global Events and Attractions
Fajume, 2006, Steel Wacky Worm
Wild Mouse (#1867)
De Vey, Colin
Zamperla, 2012, Steel Wild Mouse


Former coasters

Big Apple (#916)
Gamble, Ervin
Pinfari, 2006, Steel, Defunct Big Apple

NB: The opening year and country quoted for a travelling coaster is based on when and where I first rode it. Coasters marked as defunct may continue to operate in other countries or with different owners.