Spanish Fairs

Spain, Travelling

Ala Delta (Bañuls) (#213)
Reverchon, 2003, Steel
Ala Delta (Bañuls)
Dragon (Garcia) (Powered)
Zamperla, 2010, Steel
Dragon (Garcia)
Raton Vacilon (Bañuls) (#1488)
Reverchon, 2010, Steel
Raton Vacilon (Bañuls)
Raton Vacilon CGC (Bañuls) (#1490)
Reverchon, 2010, Steel
Raton Vacilon CGC (Bañuls)
Selva Encantada (Bañuls) (#1489)
L&T Systems, 2010, Steel
Selva Encantada (Bañuls)
Super Dragon (Huertas) (Powered)
Zamperla, 2010, Steel
Super Dragon (Huertas)
Super Raton (V.Bañuls) (#2422)
Sartori, 2018, Steel
Super Raton (V.Bañuls)
Super Raton Con Queso (Bañuls) (#1491)
Reverchon, 2010, Steel
Super Raton Con Queso (Bañuls)

NB: The opening year and country quoted for a travelling coaster is based on when and where I first rode it.