Oakwood Theme Park

19th July 2002

Oakwood Theme Park

Oakwood is located in a particularly remote part of Wales, so much so that the last half hour of the drive to it was largely through fields. It is sufficiently close to the sea that it is a feasible day trip from Ireland on the ferry, something which I'll likely do at some point in the future.

The reason five coach loads of tourists visited here was of course the presence of Megafobia, widely regarded as one of the best wooden coasters in the world. I had already been on it on a previous trip to the park, but that was a half hour visit on the way to the ferry which was hardly enough time to appreciate it properly. Following today, though, it was easy to see why the ride figures so well in worldwide rankings; it is exciting to ride without being too aggressive for comfort. Better yet, the staff allowed us to walk around the back of the ride in order to get some proper photographs, as well as letting us use our cameras on board. Unfortunately none of my on ride pictures came out at all, though the system on the ride picked up a rather amusing shot of me riding with Carl from Ultimatecoaster.com.

The Treetops Coaster (#79) was notable only due to the length of the train, which made front and back seat rides very different experiences. We were also allowed the rare treat of riding the Clown Coaster (#80), normally off limits to adults. It was hardly a thrilling ride, but it was nevertheless another credit!

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Oakwood Theme Park

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