Turner Falls

5th June 2003

Turner Falls

Today was a chance to recover somewhat from visiting three Six Flags parks in as many days. Most of the day was given over to a long drive, but the coaches stopped for a while at Turner Falls, a beautiful natural park in Davis, Oklahoma.

The weather throughout the morning was pretty grim, but fortunately it stopped shortly before we arrived, even if the sky remained overcast. It was surprisingly cool outside given what the last few days had been like, but this didn't stop some of the hardier members of our group changing into swimming togs and diving into the frigid water.

Those not brave enough to swim had two main options open to them. Most elected for the easier choice, which was to find somewhere to sit down and wait. The remainder including me decided to climb up to the top of the waterfall, which gave some splendid photo opportunties. Unfortunately, I'd made the mistake of trying to do this in runners, which might have worked okay had the ground been dry, but, in short, it wasn't. This made for a treacherous journey back to ground level, and many people ended up covered in mud. I was more fortunate, but have nevertheless resolved to wear proper hiking boots next time I try something like that!

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