Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

13th August 2003

This park was known as Wyandot Lake at the time this trip report was written.

Wyandot Lake is one of the smallest parks in the Six Flags family. It is predominantly a water park, but there are a number of amusements there too. We began our visit with the Starfish ferris wheel, built in 1923 by the Eli Bridge company and still operating in original condition. The rotation speed of this wheel was quite impressive, especially when combined with the rocking of the cars; nervous passengers need not apply!

Wyandot Lake

From there we moved across to the Sea Dragon (#169). This coaster was the first to be designed solely by John Allen, who created more than twenty other coasters in a prolific career. On first appearances the ride looked to have seen better days, thanks to plant life growing through the rails. However, the reality was somewhat different; the park has evidently taken great care of their star attraction. Though nearly fifty years old it was nevertheless running as if it was brand new.

We spent several hours in the water park, trying many different attractions, such as the Canoochee Creek lazy river and a whole string of slides with elaborate names. Chief among these was a ninety foot kamikaze slide called Jet Stream, which featured a much smoother landing than that at Michigan's Adventure, making it well worth riding a number of times. The only real down side in the water park was the rather unimpressive wave pool. There were plenty of powerful waves to be seen, but they were all in an area that had been roped off. The area that was open was no more energetic than the average swimming pool.

The park suffered a major fire in September 2002 that, among other things, destroyed the original Bumper Cars ride. The replacement model had a unique feature which I'd not seen before; rather than have a steering wheel, riders had two levers which controlled wheels on the left and right hand side of the car. This made it possible to spin the car by pushing the levers in opposite directions. It was also possible to drive backwards, which should surely make for an interesting exclusive session on a future club trip!

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Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

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