Cedar Point

30th August 2003

Cedar Point

Our second day at Cedar Point might have been a carbon copy of Friday were it not for a minor issue; both the early opening coasters were out of action due to technical gremlins. This meant that almost all of the early hour was lost, though we did eventually manage a middle seat on Millennium Force immediately prior to opening. The queue had yet to build when we exited, so a second lap seemed in order. On this occasion we were joined by Mary, who had never ridden a serious roller coaster before. She found it an interesting experience, but it seems unlikely that she'll repeat it voluntarily!

I'd thought the park crowded yesterday, but today it was positively heaving. There was only time for two of the minor coasters before lunch time, namely Iron Dragon and Wildcat. Wildcat has been repainted this year in a hideous mixture of purple and yellow by people who must be either colour blind or mentally disenfranchised. Be that as it may, the ride quality hasn't suffered at all. It was interesting to see the chain lift, which is quite different to most coasters; this one is a traditional linked affair like what one might use to lock up a bicycle.

After lunch I saw a Top Thrill Dragster train crest the peak of the hill for the first time today, so we all made a bee-line over to it. Had the ride not broken down again while we were waiting we would have been on in the front seat in less than an hour, but in the end we got on in an hour and a half. I enjoyed the experience much more compared to yesterday, and while it is still not a top ten ride for me it can just about edge its way into the top twenty.

We only had time for three more coasters; Blue Streak, Disaster Transport, and Wicked Twister. The latter was ridden in the back seat, which made this already very good coaster even better. I'm going to make an effort to ride impulse coasters in the back seat in future.

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Cedar Point

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