Parque Warner Madrid

14th September 2003

Parque Warner Madrid

Our last day in Spain began with a half hour ERS on Superman. While it was wonderful to have an exclusive session on such a fine coaster, it was marred by a Six Flags Moment in which the staff insisted we leave the station through the exit after each circuit and reenter through the regular queue line. This may seem like it makes sense until you realise that our group had about sixty people while each train could hold thirty six. The distance from exit back to entrance was almost five minutes, which guaranteed a certain number of seats would go out entry. Thankfully the staff saw sense after a few minutes. I managed a total of five rides.

George and I had already decided that water rides were going to be off limits for us today thanks to a mid afternoon flight. Several club members had made no such decision, however, and a whole mob boarded the rapids ride. This was too much for us to resist, so we didn't; the princely sum of €4 was invested into the operation of all four water cannons at once. It was well worth the money; the faces of the people in the boat were simply priceless. The same group were sufficiently wet from our onslaught that they decided to do the Rio Bravo, so while we were waiting for them we took a second ride on Wild Wild West. My initial impression yesterday proved to be the same today; it is a ride that serves a purpose!

I took a ride on Riddler's Revenge predominantly because it was a walk on. We'd seen the ride being tested in Combo mode as we approached the park this morning, but it had been switched back into Space Shot mode again by now. It took four separate attempts to be assigned to the good tower, but we finally managed it, and it proved well worth it.

A few of us went over to Superman for the final ride of the day. Just as we approached the front of the line the operators announced that another train was being added. We started to panic at this point; we had just twenty five minutes to get back to the coach. The transfer and subsequent test runs seemed to take ages, and while it was interesting to photograph the operational transfer track it didn't distract from the fact that our time limit was fast approaching. Finally, just as we were about to give up completely, we managed to get into the back seat for what I fully expect to be my last coaster ride this year.

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Parque Warner Madrid

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