15th July 2007

We began our morning with an hour long exclusive ride session on Tornado. Unfortunately I was suffering from the after effects of a dodgy pint the previous evening, which limited me to only a handful of rides. Nevertheless, those I did take were enough to cement my view that it is one of the best inverted coasters out there.

Though the day had started off dry, the rain began to fall towards the end of the session, and it didn't stop for the duration of the day. The result was two inoperable coasters, and sadly these included the classic Schwarzkopf. I was relieved that I'd managed to ride them the previous evening, which made for some moderate schadenfreude at those who'd chosen to blow off the whole day because we were visiting a park with no coasters in it. In a moment of madness I decided to reride Trombi, which had been accelerated substantially thanks to the wet track. The end result was not pleasant, though at least I escaped without physical scars. Mats made the mistake of riding with his mobile phone in his front pocket, and picked up a cracked screen for his trouble.

The real fun of the day wasn't to be had in the planetarium, where a number of members fell asleep, the Orlochlessin torni ghost train, or indeed on the Koskiseikkailu rapids (and yes, apparently some people can pronounce Finnish). The star attraction was the Metkula fun house, or to be specific, the crooked house room found therein. It was very steep as such rooms go, to the point that some people were absolutely convinced that it was moving.


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