Fårup Sommerland

19th July 2007

The last time my travels took me to Fårup Sommerland the park was mostly closed, with only the three regular coasters operating. The only guests present were members of the European Coaster Club and a moderate complement of media. On this occasion, the park was absolutely jam packed, due in no small part to an uncharacteristically sunny and bright day, apparently a rarity in this part of Denmark. Nevertheless the waits remained reasonable, and in many ways telling; the wait for the signature wooden coaster, Falken, was actually shorter than that for the powered coaster, Mini-Lynet. I'm afraid that the reason for this is the obvious one; what was a top level wooden coaster is no longer so, thanks to some nasty shuffling as the train goes around corners.

One thing that hadn't changed from our last visit though is the park's amazing hospitality. Free food and a complimentary bag of souvenirs was one thing, but when this was augmented with the announcement of a free bar, well... what can I say? Fantastic stuff indeed. The park was able to reap its own reward with two Danish television stations present, one of which filmed its own report on the three coach loads of crazy tourists from a helicopter.


There were two star attractions for me today. The first was a fifty foot high Zierer tower ride, which had a ten seater gondola that moved up and down while spinning around. It was a total hoot, not frightening at all, and hilariously funny. It is also the only ride I can think of to give lateral forces and airtime simultaneously. The other ride I really liked was a speed boat ride across a completely artificial lake (or so we were told; it certainly doesn't look it). Seven circuits on this wasn't enough; I'd probably still be there if we didn't have a schedule to keep. It'd be remiss of me not to give an honourable mention both to the rapids ride and the crazy oversized trampoline, the latter of which was very hard work!


Travel Note

19th July 2007

We arrived at the Quality Hotel Aalborg to find our room keys had been laid out on a table ready to go. The only problem was that absolutely none of them worked. Almost seventy five sets of keys had to be reprogrammed, at a rate of one set every thirty seconds or so. Whoops.

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Fårup Sommerland

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