Wild Waves Theme Park

19th August 2007

Wild Waves Theme Park was the second not-a-six-flags-any-more park on our trip, and like its brother the ancestry is clearly apparent. Ten dollars to park was at least an improvement, though one could also purchase premium parking for an extra fee which allowed you to park closer to the gate. We elected to skip this extra facility for many reasons, not least of which was us being the fifth car in the place. The reason for the less than enthusiastic attendance was the weather; it was overcast, raining, and, by American standards, cold. Better yet, some fourteen rides were listed on a display in the ticket booth as not operating today.

Closed Rides

The park is predominantly a water park, with thrill rides being very much an afterthought. The first to be added was the rather lacklustre Wild Thing (#1064), bought second hand at the liquidation sale for Rocky Point Park in Rhode Island. This was not of course our reason for visiting; we were much more interested in Timberhawk (#1065), the first wooden coaster from S&S. This ride has aged rather better than its brother in Denmark, but it lacked a certain something overall. It wasn't rough by any means, bar a bit of shuffling in the turnaround at the top of the lift hill, but it also wasn't that exciting. It might be a good ride for families but wouldn't occupy the average thrill seeker for long.

Weather kept just about everything else shut for most of the morning, but Klondike Gold Rusher (#1066) opened for a brief window when the weather cleared. We got our ride in quickly before the heavens opened in spectacular fashion, eliminating any possibility of the powered coaster opening. With nothing else we particularly wanted to ride, we elected to make an early departure back to the airport, where we discovered that our flight was delayed.

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Wild Waves Theme Park

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