SeaWorld Orlando

24th November 2007

I'd allowed myself half a day for SeaWorld Orlando, and this turned out to be ideal. The primary reason for my visit was the recent addition, Shamu Express (#1106). This is one of a new breed of family coasters designed to allow smaller children to ride safely while still being suitable for their parents (and other interested adults). The ride is a good size, maybe fifty feet high, striking a nice balance between thrilling and fun for the younger rider. Those with bigger limbs should be wary, however; the seats have a moulded plastic shark fin that is designed to rest between riders' legs. This is located in an ideal place for younger people, but a somewhat less than ideal place for older ones. Anyone is welcome to ride, but larger people may well be disemboweled; you have been warned!

Polar Express

The park has rethemed its Wild Arctic simulator as the Polar Express for the Christmas season. Having not seen the original movie there's not much that I can say about its authenticity, but the younger audience members certainly seemed to appreciate it. The main theme of the story was a reminder to all to believe in Santa. It is, after all, precisely a month before he should visit (complete with his 214,200 flying reindeer).

With only a limited amount of time to spare before the airport beckoned, I took a pair of rides on Kraken. It seems that my last visit caught it on an off day; the ride was running really well, making it a definite contender for the best sit down coaster in Florida.

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SeaWorld Orlando

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