Adventure World Australia

13th March 2008

Adventure World is the largest amusement park in Western Australia. It is predominantly a water park, but the slides are surrounded by a handful of flat rides and two coasters. The laid back attitude typical of this part of the world was very much in evidence, with everything opening later than scheduled. Having said that, we were visiting on a Thursday in school term, and the number of guests in the park was minimal. One presumes that things run a bit more sharply on busy days.

Adventure World

The weather for our arrival was pretty grim, and as might be expected this had shut down many of the rides. As we approached the children's area a friendly operator called David came over to us, telling us that two of his four rides were open and that we'd probably be able to shoehorn ourselves into one of them if we wanted to, a rather nice change from the it's only for kids attitude so prevalent in American parks. He put it best himself; if you can't have fun in amusement parks you can't have fun at all!

His face fell just a little when we said we wanted the roller coaster, but he told us that it'd open just as soon as the sky had cleared for an hour or so; apparently the brakes can't stop the train properly when wet. To cheer us up in the interim, he told us a positively awful joke about complimentary nuts in a bar, which may possibly be funny if you have an Australian sense of humour. Nevertheless, his enthusiasm was infectious, and made the waiting less painful then it might otherwise have been. In due course the weather did clear up enough for Dragon Express (#1116) to open, so we got the credit (and the bruises!).

Both of us were rather more enthused with the magnificent Turbo Mountain (#1117), a slightly modified Schwarzkopf Jet Star II. Interestingly enough this ride can take six adults or nine children per car, which suggests that they've solved the problem evident on the model at Parken Zoo. The maintenance team working on this ride clearly know their business, other than the rather brutal stop at the end of the ride, which, to be fair, is typical for this type of coaster.

In fine style, the sun came out just as we were leaving the park. There was just enough time to retake most of our earlier photographs before departing for the airport.

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Adventure World Australia

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