Merimbula's Magic Mountain

14th March 2008

Over the last six years my travels have brought me to many places well off the beaten track. Very few of these places are quite as far out of the way as Merimbula, a charming town on the South-Eastern corner of Australia. Potential visitors can choose between a once-a-day flight, a six hour drive from Sydney, or a seven hour drive from Melbourne. Our itinerary was too tight to get to Merimbula's Magic Mountain at all unless we did the latter, which necessitated leaving our hotel just before 5:00am.

The park proved to be even smaller than we'd predicted, with just a handful of attractions. However, it was well laid out and spotlessly clean, and the staff were very welcoming. In just fifteen minutes we managed to get in several laps of the Diamond Python (#1118). The back seat of the car had a few nasty jolts, but they were not apparent from the front.

Merimbula's Magic Mountain

The coaster was probably not worth the drive, but somewhat to our surprise we discovered an attraction that was. The Mountain Slide is a bobsled-style attraction similar to that at Oakwood Theme Park, albeit at least three times the length. It was refreshing to see a large warning sign advising riders that they were responsible for their own safety, and that collisions with the vehicle in front would be deemed their fault. Apparently people disregard the warnings from time to time, taking corners too fast, and injuring themselves; the operator told us someone had broken their collar bone in the last week.

I also tried out the Grand Prix, a race track included in regular park admission. The petrol-powered karts were too slow for there to be any competitive element in racing, and indeed it was easiest to drive the circuit at full throttle throughout. Given the target audience for the park, though, they were pretty close to ideal.

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Merimbula's Magic Mountain

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