Luna Park Melbourne

15th March 2008

It is astonishing how much impact staff can have upon the enjoyment of guests in their park. The demographic of the ride operators at Luna Park Melbourne suggests quite strongly that they were selected purely based on willingness to work for less money than Australian citizens would likely demand. In any case they were without exception surly and gruff, and a far cry from the wonderful people we met earlier this week.

Luna Park Melbourne

We had already found out about the refurbishment of the classic Scenic Railway, an awesome-looking ride which I'll have to visit the next time I'm in Melbourne. What we had somehow missed was the scale of the rest of the park; it is very small indeed, being contained entirely within the boundaries of its most famous ride. An hour was more than enough to explore the place to the full, a fortunate accident really given a late decision to spend the lions share of the day at the Australian Grand Prix.

It didn't take long to check off the Silly Serpent and the Metropolis (#1119), both cookie cutter coasters that we probably didn't need to travel half way across the world for. The Ghost Train was too fast for us to see much, and some of the scenes were questionable at best; as George put it, an old man closing a book is not frightening. Furthermore, some of the animatronic timings were out of kilter with the cars; while looking over my shoulder I saw a guillotine fall on a scene after the car had passed.

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Luna Park Melbourne

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