Lihpao Land

12th September 2008

This park was known as Discovery World at the time of this visit.

The best words available to describe the star attraction at Discovery World are those found within the parks own brochure. Gravity Max is the world's first roller coaster with a broken track. We arrived at the park to see it testing, and by the time we arrived in the station the first passengers were boarding. Half the seats in the one operational train were out of use today, and the staff didn't appear to be in any particular hurry, but the ride was at least open.

Gravity Max

Unfortunately, we were just one train load away from the front of the queue when the ride closed down due to approaching bad weather, in this case the beginning of Typhoon Sinlaku. One test train was dispatched later in the morning, but that was it, and by early afternoon the distinctive sound of the ride compressor mechanism had ceased. Needless to say, we were not terribly happy. The only small consolation was that the Mine Express (#1311) remained open even as the rain got heavier.

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Lihpao Land

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