Drayton Manor

17th April 2009

I'd planned to skip writing a trip report for my visit to Drayton Manor today, largely to save the potential embarrassment of not having anything interesting to say about the Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster (#1333). I'd not been to Drayton since the addition of Thomas Land, but if the crowds therein were anything to go by the park has a definite winner on their hands. Apparently the queue for the roller coaster exceeded an hour later in the day, making me very glad that we'd gone directly there on opening.

Drayton Manor

The main purpose of the trip today was to provide a day off for the choristers of Saint Bartholomew's Choir during a week long residency in Hereford Cathedral. Bringing a group of children to a theme park can be a nightmare, but equally it can prove extremely rewarding, and thus it was today. I've always enjoyed watching the young face their fears on big and scary amusement rides. While the coasters were beyond the majority of the group today there was an unexpected alternative in the guise of Apocalypse, the Intamin Giant Drop. The first to give it a go was one of the last I'd have predicted, but though clearly terrified he professed enjoyment and started dragging his compatriots on board with him. Hearing nine year olds bragging about having done Apocalypse nine times makes me think that we may have a new generation of enthusiasts in the making.

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Drayton Manor

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