Magic World Italy

30th May 2009

Magic World is a combination water and amusement park located in the suburbs of Naples. Visitors are required to purchase a general admission ticket for three euro, and can then choose between an unlimited wristband or a ten-ride ticket. We elected for the latter, figuring that we'd only be interested in the coasters. As it was, we were advised that the Verde Bruco (pictured below) was only for children, and thus we ended up concluding our trip with a Crazy Mouse (#1375).

Verde Bruco


Travel Note

30th May 2009

I'm typing this now from what we've nicknamed Cappuccino Airport in Naples, pondering what has been a very successful trip. There's no doubt in my mind that Miragica was the park highlight, though the best coaster still has to go to Blue Fire. Will it be possible for me to ride almost thirty new coasters in a week again? I'm not at all sure.

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Magic World Italy

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