Waldameer Park

7th July 2009

It's a pretty long way from Pittsburgh to New York, and it's fair to say that Waldameer Park isn't on the most direct route. However, we figured that we should at least enjoy some new coasters on a day with more than eight hours of driving in it, and this park fit the bill. We took a fast lap on the Ravine Flyer 3 (#1386) before making for the primary target.

There is a long and complicated history behind the installation of the Ravine Flyer II (#1387) that can be better explained on other web sites, but suffice it to say that good things come to those who wait. The fourth coaster to be built by The Gravity Group has a bridge across a public road as its signature feature, albeit one slightly obscured by bright blue netting. The far side of the road features a turnaround and not much else, but after crossing back the train dives into a furiously intense tangle of track featuring some ninety degree banking that the train manages to negotiate effortlessly. We tried several locations in the train and decided we liked the front best, but the back was pretty impressive too.

Ravine Flyer II

George needed both the Steel Dragon and Comet credits. With those completed, we did photo runs on the sky ride and ferris wheel before heading to the Whacky Shack dark ride. Though the ride itself was pretty good I'd encourage future guests to avoid it when any queue is present. The reason is an infuriating PA announcement played on an uninterrupted loop that we must have heard at least twenty times during our wait. It is out of earshot for much of the cattle pen thank god, but we found it a real challenge to resist throwing something at the speaker system. If anyone from the park is reading this, I'd suggest that the announcement could be better placed just inside the ride building?

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Waldameer Park

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