Upper Clements Parks

10th July 2009

My desire to ride all the wood coasters in the world has involved a certain amount of travel to out of the way places. Be that as it may, none of these locations are quite as far off the beaten track (pun intended) as Upper Clements Parks, found on the south-western coast of Nova Scotia. The nearest airport is at Halifax, almost three hours away by road. An alternate route involves a ferry crossing from the United States, but even still a substantial time investment is required.

The Tree Topper (#1395) is a terrain wood coaster designed by Bill Cobb that operates a single train with buzz bars. It features three small drops as a warm up, followed by three larger ones down into the base of a valley. The latter were a little bit on the rough side today, though not extremely so, and thanks to a non existent queue we were able to stay on for ten consecutive laps. There were some obvious signs of track replacement on the ride, a task that is presumably ongoing.

The park is also home to a rather unusual Haunted House, which the resident ghost advised us (in a Canadian accent) was more creepy than scary. It was certainly well themed, with the crashed car in front of it a particularly nice touch.

Haunted House

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Upper Clements Parks

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