Suzhou Amusement Land

8th September 2009

At first glance Suzhou Amusement Land appears to be a pay-one-price park, but appearances can be deceptive. Twenty-one of the attractions listed on the park map carry additional charges, including the imaginatively named Suspended Looping Coaster (#1454). Based on evidence from our group the back four rows of the train were fairly comfortable today, with seats further forward becoming more and more rough. Having chosen the third row (oops) my favourite point of the ride proved to be the brake run, but in second place was a tunnel blasted through the mountain (really) which covered the bonus helix at the end of the course. Can anyone think of another Vekoma SLC with a tunnel?


The two other credits were much more enjoyable, albeit in the once is enough category. The bigger of the two was Space Adventure (#1455), a fully enclosed Zyklon/Galaxi clone. The theming on the inside was appropriate for the ride name, though the outside (see link above) looked more like a temple; perhaps the building was originally constructed with another use in mind. With that cleared, we caught a quick lap on the Junior Coaster (#1456), identical in every way to the ride ridden a few days ago in Chengdu.

The Small World dark ride was one of the more blatant knock-offs that I've seen, albeit in name and ride style alone. Some of the characters modeled seemed more than a little odd, with guest appearances from both the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles (pictured above) and the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. Unfortunately (or otherwise) the vast majority of the animatronics within the ride were not working today, and a significant number of lightbulbs also needed replacement. The slightly out of tune singing of the famous song seemed to reflect the attraction as a whole; it's an attempt at copying a masterpiece that doesn't quite work.

The terrain at the park includes part of a mountain side, and the owners have taken advantage of this with the installation of the Glider. As its name might suggest this is a hang-gliding attraction that runs from near the peak back to ground level. The face down harnesses did make me question whether it was entirely sensible to be trusting my life to Chinese engineering, especially given that the route crossed a lake with a water colour suggesting a failed biological experiment. Doubts aside however the ride was surprisingly fun, and given more time I'd have considered a second go.


With only a limited amount of time remaining I decided to try the Ghost Mansion. This turned out to be a room full of headphones akin to that I wrote about at Hanayashiki a few years ago, with what I'm also sure was the same basic audio, albeit translated into Chinese. It was a little hard to hear the effects for much of the time thanks to one of the local patrons screaming like no tomorrow; pouring a cup of tea must never have been so exciting. However I think on balance that listening to the screaming proved at least as much fun as the ride we'd bought the ticket for!

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Suzhou Amusement Land

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