Warner Bros Movie World

30th December 2009

Warner Bros Movie World is open all year round, and has an average attendance of around three and a half thousand guests per day. A gloriously sunny day meant that today's gate was over three times that number, the result being a park that was bursting at the seams. Almost every ride in the park had a wait time of over thirty minutes, which is completely unheard of in this part of the world. Even more surprising was the decision by park management to extend opening hours, proving that we really had stepped temporarily into a parallel universe.

Heavy traffic between my hotel and the park meant that I was embarrassingly late for my planned morning rendezvous, but fortunately my friends were understanding (sorry again!). They suggested we should head directly into the Hollywood Stunt Driver show, a demonstration of precision driving and burning rubber that would have gotten top marks from me were it not for one thing; the competition. Mirabilandia's stunt car show leaves everything else in the exhaust fumes, though to be fair only particularly well travelled enthusiasts are likely to have seen both!

From there we worked our way slowly around the worthwhile rides in the park. I'd completely forgotten (perhaps blanked out) the fact that I'd ridden the Looney Tunes River Ride on my last visit, though there was no harm in repeating it, and the surprise at the end caught me out again. Scooby Doo's Spooky Coaster is still arguably the best wild mouse coaster anywhere in the world. Superman Escape would make a superb signature attraction for any park, and it works particularly well here. The last major ride of the day was on Whitewater Falls, and the weather ensured that we didn't remain damp for long.

The park is currently home to a number of models used in the upcoming Narnia movie, not least the full size set for the Dawn Treader. The detail in the model was quite incredible to behold, especially when you consider that no technology currently available could get close to showing it all. I was particularly interested to see a collection of names drawn on the ship mast, presumably the artists responsible for it. One wonders how many other movie sets have similar inscriptions which are too small to be noticeable on the big screen.

Dawn Treader

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Warner Bros. Movie World

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