Matějská pouť

14th March 2010

Saint Matthew's Fair is an annual event that takes place on the grounds of Lunapark in central Prague. A huge number of rides were present this year, far more than I'd anticipated, but it was definitely a case of quantity over quality; the standard of machine and presentation was relatively weak. The exception to this was the so-called dutch fairground, a selection of imports from The Netherlands with unmodified signage. One wonders exactly how many denizens of the Czech Republic speak fluent Dutch...

Matějská pouť

The two new credits for me today might as well have been the same ride, but for the fact that one was substantially larger. Explosion Speed (#1486) and Amazing Drive (#1487) both used tyre drive mechanisms scattered around the course to propell the train around the course ad nauseum. Some backwards motion was included for good measure in a largely unsuccessful attempt to alleviate the boredom.

It was interesting to see the Speed Loop again, now under new ownership. The ride doesn't appear to have been repainted since it left Ireland, and nowhere was this more visible than the front signage which was covered completely in grey plastic sheeting. The ride was running well today with no significant headbanging, though I did end up with a massive bruise on my left knee courtesy of an exposed bolt on the front of the car. It wasn't clear what the bolt in question was supposed to secure; whatever it was had broken off at some point in the past!

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