Seville Feria de Abril

24th April 2010

The Feria de Abril is a six day long festival that has been taking place in Seville for over one hundred and fifty years. Given its history it was no surprise to discover that the ground is absolutely massive, easily several orders of magnitude larger than any other event I've been to in my travels. Most of the ground is occupied with casetas, family-owned tents where the local gentry go to celebrate. Our interest however was the large collection of amusement rides that took up one whole end of the ground. This year there were a grand total of ten coaster style rides, surely a record for a travelling event. Three of these were for children only, though their paintwork and general presentation was well up there with the larger rides. Another two were almost identical powered dragons, the only difference being a small section of tunnel on the latter.

Seville Feria de Abril

The five full size coasters were all presented by the local show company, Bañuls Atracciones. Information on the internet suggests that this group owns four identical Reverchon spinning mice, the only difference between them being name and paint scheme. Three of them were present today, namely Raton Vacilon (#1488), Raton Vacilon Con Gato Comilon (#1489) and Super Raton Con Queso Vacilon (#1491). I'm slightly confused at the concept of crazy cheese, but perhaps the name makes more sense without a literal translation? In any case all of these rides are factory standard, other than a switch on each car allowing individual control of special effects and water sprays. The ability to turn off the latter was particularly welcome. It was warm out, but not warm enough for a soaking!

The most interesting ride today was Selva Encantada (#1490), a custom designed coaster by L&T Systems with a splashdown and a simulated floating section at the end. For the latter section the cars remain on track, but are driven by a massive propeller on the back of each car that, to be frank, looks quite ridiculous. The rest of the ride can be though of as basic wild mouse, though it does have some banked turns that are really rather fun. One brief warning; the splashdown is pretty wet; let the reader beware!

The final coaster was Ala Delta, the prototype inverted mouse from Reverchon that I last saw seven years ago at Albacete. Unfortunately it hasn't improved with age; some of the corners have become more than a little violent. A little bit of padding would have helped a lot!

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