Tivoli World

25th April 2010

We arrived at a gloriously sunny Tivoli World a few minutes after park opening. Things don't happen quickly in this part of the world, particularly first thing in the local morning (in this case noon!), meaning that quite a few of the rides had yet to open as we approached. However, everything gradually came to life over the first hour, a definite improvement over my last visit!

Tivoli World

The vast majority of attractions in the park are included in an unlimited wristband. The only two major rides that are not are a haunted walkthrough and go-karts, both of which we elected to skip today. The park currently has two coasters and a powered Tokaido. The latter was too slow to be even remotely thrilling, and the strictly enforced height limit precluded us from trying the Montaña Rusa Infantil. Fortunately the full size Montaña Rusa proved to be an unexpected gem. Though looking like a standard carnival Pinfari from the front, the layout of this coaster is unique, with a mid-course drop and turn that is wickedly intense and a complete surprise for unsuspecting riders. Unfortunately from this point it feels like the manufacturers ran out of money, as it leads to a gently sloping ascent and the brake run, the latter handled by a tyre mechanism. On balance I felt the back seat was better than the front, though both were very good.

The park has three tracked dark rides (Dinolandia, Castilla del Terror, and Pinnochio), all of which would rank pretty close to the best carnival-level dark rides I've had the pleasure of enjoying. The only negative is that on all three the car moves at a pace which is just too fast, leaving no time to enjoy any of the scenery.

With plenty of time to spare we decided to try out a cable car ride which runs above the park to the top of a nearby mountain. The journey is spectacular throughout, but probably not a good idea for those of a nervous disposition; the cable car runs a considerable height above mountainous terrain for a large part of its course. At the top guests have the option of climbing a little bit further for the best view, a surprisingly energetic task in relatively thin air, though one which was ultimately very rewarding.

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Tivoli World

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