Castles n' Coasters

5th June 2010

We began our morning with a trip to Schnepf Farms, only to learn that the roller coaster there operates exclusively during two festivals, which take place in May and October respectively. With plenty of time to spare before our evening flight we elected to return to Castles n' Coasters in order to take some photographs in daylight. I decided to purchase another ride pass, getting in a few more laps on both Desert Storm and Patriot. While both were still a lot of fun they sapped my energy as the oppressive desert heat felt like a constantly present wall in front of the moving train.

Getting out of the sunshine, I spotted something really neat that I'd completely failed to notice last night. The park has an impressive collection of classic arcade machines from the eighties and early nineties, including 1942, Asteroids, Chase HQ, Defender, Joust, Mortal Kombat, Robotron 2084, Star Wars, Super Buster Bros, and many more. It was like a brief visit to geek heaven; such a shame we had to leave for the airport.


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Castles n Coasters

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