Curry's Fun Park Portrush

15th June 2010

This park was known as Barry's Amusements at the time this trip report was written.

One of the nicest things about the coaster enthusiast community is the willingness to help others obtain obscure coaster credits. A friend of mine came to Ireland on a two week sightseeing tour with his wife, and wanted to do some coasters without risking unnecessary divorce. I offered to bring him up to Barry's Amusements, my first visit there in over four years.

Not a lot has changed in the park over that time, with the only new attraction being a very small children's log flume which has somehow been shoehorned in between the Freak Out and Barry's Big Dipper. There have been a few colour changes, such as the track on the Big Apple (now blue), the lights on the Ghost Train sign (now green), and the front doors of the building (now solid blue). Other than that, things were exactly as I remembered. It strikes me that an amusement centre like this could do well anywhere on the island of Ireland. Why, then, is there nothing in the greater Dublin area?

Barry's Amusements

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Curry's Fun Park Portrush

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