Lunapark Sowiński

17th July 2010

The resort town of Władysławowo is located roughly fifty kilometers north of Gdansk, which today constituted almost a three hour drive due to severe holiday traffic. Those prepared to rough it a little would do far better to take the train, which stops within easy walking distance of the park. There is a transfer bus that runs from the airport to the central station.

Tajfun (#1538) looks and feels like a Galaxi other than the cars, which have a boxy look and might be home spun. They don't affect the ride quality in any way though, making this ride an excellent if uninspired family coaster. Most of the rest of the park constitutes standard fare, with a range of antiquated spin rides blended with a variety of shops and stalls. There is a large ferris wheel which can be seen from some distance away. Structurally it appeared pretty similar to the one we rode two weeks ago in Lithuania, though it looked considerably more presentable thanks to a fresh coat of paint. There was also a unique haunted house style dark ride, which was surprisingly entertaining despite the fact that most of the animatronics were out of order.

Lunapark Sowinski

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Lunapark Sowiński

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