Travel Note

17th October 2010

Regular readers of this page could be forgiven for thinking that my roller coaster habit is both utterly mental and completely out of control – and you'd be absolutely right. We began today with a trip to the Taj Mahal, which proved just as amazing as I'd anticipated and worth the trip to India on its own. It was good to begin the day on a high, as the subsequent seven hour cross country drive across dirt tracks didn't exactly improve the general mood, especially when the air conditioning in the minibus failed two hours in.

Taj Mahal


Fun City

17th October 2010

Fun City turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant park, with two roller coasters in its roster. Flying Bus (#1590) looked like an oversized equivalent to the Heege Butterfly rides, albeit with an unusual feature; the back spike was considerably steeper than the forward one. From there we enjoyed another Aqua Shoot (#1591), a ride which seems to exist in just about every Indian park. In between coasters we were asked to pose with several groups of locals; it seems that the fine citizens of Bareilly don't get many foreign tourists in their midst. Westerners do tend to stand out in this part of the world, as the locals don't generally to be more than 5'8" in height.

The final ride of the day was on the Ghost Train, another worthwhile dark ride. This one concluded with the cars drastically slowing down as they entered the mouth of a giant skull, to the accompaniment of terrified screaming sounds. The effect was only slightly marred by the operator flipping off a handful of switches as the train passed his booth, causing the screams to abruptly die!

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Fun City

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