Leofoo Village Theme Park

4th June 2011

After three visits to Taiwan I've determined that Screaming Condor is a coaster I'm simply not meant to ride. An enquiry at guest services revealed that the ride is closed for the entire month of June apparently due to ground works for the new water park. This is more than a little odd given that the coaster is on the opposite end of the park, but there you have it. Last time we asked we were told that the ride didn't operate during September for its annual maintenance checks. You just can't win.

Screaming Bloody Condor

With time to kill before an evening flight we elected to enter the park anyway, where we renewed our acquaintance with the other two coasters, the Little Rattler and Sahara Twist. We also discovered a dark ride we'd missed on our previous visit, namely Sultan's Adventure which can be thought of as a local version of the Indiana Jones attractions. It was very well done and we enjoyed it immensely, though we'd have enjoyed the coaster more.

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Leofoo Village Theme Park

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