21st August 2011

We'd have liked to spend a full day in Linnanmäki, but a late opening time coupled with an evening flight restricted us to just a handful of rides. There was a slight delay in purchasing tickets due to the writer making a rather embarrassing multiplication error (oops), but in due course we were in the queue for Salama (#1669). This custom spinning coaster has been built over an existing rapids ride, and it's a winner; smooth tracking, decent spinning, and an interesting layout made for a highly enjoyable ride.

The latest addition to the park is Ukko (#1670), one of the four Sky Loop XT150 rides sold by Maurer this year. I'm not a huge fan of these rides personally, but there's no doubt that they are crowd pleasers, and by the time we disembarked the queue length had trebled. We concluded our visit with a lap on Pilotti so that we could tick the box on, though anyone who considers this to be a roller coaster should really get out more!


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