Travel Note

16th January 2012

Today had a relatively straight-forward plan; take a short flight to Barranquilla, ride the coaster at Happy City, then fly back. No other enthusiasts had published reports on this FEC, giving us a pleasant opportunity to document the place for the benefit of the community. There was only one catch; it turned out that the ride we were interested in had been removed during the previous year due to noise issues. Furthermore, the city of Barranquilla was nowhere near as clean and polished as the other Colombian cities on this trip. The general state of the place reminded me of my visits to Mexico a few years ago, and that isn't a compliment. The people were still friendly and welcoming, but I was quite glad of our decision to not stay overnight in the area.

Peripherally related to our journey today is a warning for those considering a repeat of our trip; we took six internal flights with Avianca over a four day period, and five of them were late, four by more than an hour. The only one to operate on schedule was a connection that we came within seconds of missing. Let the reader beware!

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