Neverland Park Abasto

27th January 2012

The Abasto shopping mall in Buenos Aires contains the flagship branch of the Neverland Park chain, which occupies a large amount of space spread across two floors. The lower floor is dedicated to arcade machines and the like, and is open whenever the mall is. The upper floor features a collection of rides, and operates more limited hours; today, for example, activities began at half past two. It's worth noting that the presentation within this park was among the best I've seen in a shopping mall, to the point that I'd encourage enthusiasts to make the effort to visit.

Pride of place is taken by a large indoor ferris wheel which looks out over the food court below, but there is also a full size pirate ship, several junior rides, and a powered Montaña Rusa. The latter is a standard Zamperla ride, slightly bigger than the ubiquitous Dragon models but not much. It has however been spruced up with some very nice theming, including a giant sea monster hidden behind the facade that the train whizzes past.


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Neverland Park Abasto

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