8th April 2012

Regular readers here will know that I've spent much of the last decade chasing down roller coasters all over the world. As such it was more than a little embarrassing to learn earlier this week about Pleasurelands, a previously undocumented park located within ninety minutes drive of my home. I'd originally intended to leave visiting here until the summer months, but after my plans for today were scuppered at the last minute I decided to go investigate despite some fairly rancid weather.

The park itself is absolutely tiny, with just four adult sized rides, one of which is Nessi (#1740). The train was having a lot of difficulty due to wet tires on the lift hill, but the operator gave it the push required to get it going, and in due course I was able to claim my credit. I'd have tried one or two of the spin rides too, but my last minute decision to visit left me with no glasses strap. Maybe next time.


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