Six Flags Great Adventure

20th July 2012

This weather this morning was fairly rancid, with heavy rain and an outside temperature more suited to an Irish summer rather than an American one. Despite the conditions however the park was open, and the only major ride closure was Kingda Ka. Better yet, the weather kept the crowds away, meaning there were no queues anywhere. It was possible to walk on to just about every ride, and in most cases coaster trains were going out with less than a third of the seats occupied.

Green Lantern

The primary reason for our visit today was to ride Green Lantern, a stand-up coaster that once operated as Chang at the now closed Kentucky Kingdom. A friend of mine had asked me to speak the appropriate oath before riding, presenting an interesting conundrum; my usual thoughts before riding any stand-up coaster are probably best paraphrased using the top row of characters on a keyboard. Despite all appearances, I try not to take my roller coaster riding too seriously, preferring to go with the flow whenever possible. In this case, however, I'd made a promise which I had to keep. On the way up the lift hill, I muttered the Green Lantern oath under my breath:

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power, Green Lantern's light!

We'd been expecting a fairly violent ride, but much to our surprise the coaster was running very smoothly, giving an intense and thrilling ride. The only downside was the projectile rain; passengers throughout the train were soaked, but none more so than the two idiots who'd chosen to ride in the front row. As the train returned to the station, the ride operators thanked everyone for riding Green Lantern, one of the most thrilling water rides in the park. Quite.

Next stop was Dark Knight, where we were able to ride twice in a row due to no other guests waiting to board, something I've never seen in a Six Flags park. We'd actually have been able to ride a third time if we wanted to, a far cry from the usual experience on this ride; apparently queues of two hours or more are not uncommon. With that complete we took quick laps on both Bizarro and El Toro before heading for the gate.


Dorney Park

20th July 2012

The second stop of the day was for another relocated coaster. Stinger has taken over a space in the park that used to hold Laser, and while I'd never trade a double looping Schwarzkopf for a Vekoma Invertigo I'm forced to admit that every park needs to refresh its attractions from time to time. With that done, we enjoyed quick laps on the three best coasters in the park; Steel Force, Hydra, and Talon.


Knoebels Amusement Resort

20th July 2012

The weather hadn't improved by the time we were leaving Dorney Park, so we elected to alter our plans on the fly; we figured that Knoebels Amusement Resort would probably be fully operational even in rain, and this turned out to be spot on; the park was busy, and all rides were open despite the fact that some patrons appeared to be very wet indeed. Though the delayed Flying Turns has still not opened, Black Diamond (#1777) has been added to the coaster roster. More of a dark ride than anything else, this attraction has the distinction of being the only steel coaster to be built by PTC.

A long drive back to our hotel meant that we only had very limited time, but there was long enough to catch a back seat lap on the Phoenix. The ride was every bit as good as I'd remembered, and made the lengthy drive to get there seem well worthwhile.

Flying Turns