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29th July 2012

My trip plan for today had me hitting a number of small parks in order to mop up the remaining small coaster credits in the greater Chicago area. However, after a late arrival into my hotel last night I decided instead to have a relaxed day, turning off my alarm clock and waiting until I woke up to head out to a single park only. This turned out to be the right decision, not least because heavy traffic resulted in my drive from the park to the airport taking four times longer than predicted; while I'd likely have caught my flight anyway the near miss would have caused a lot of unnecessary stress.


X-Flight (#1799) was the second B&M wing coaster to open in the United States, and is a very different ride to its brother. Rather than rely on elaborate terrain, the thrills from X-Flight are generated by several near-miss effects, where the track passes through gaps that are scarcely bigger than the train and its riders. Overall I was very impressed with the ride, but there is one small caveat; there is a surprising (and very un-B&M-like) amount of shaking as the train lines up before flying through the middle of the model air traffic control tower, suggesting an area of track fabrication that might not have been exactly as intended. I rode a second time on the opposite side of the train, and found it was just as noticeable there – a little surprising on a brand new ride. It'll be interesting to see how this section wears over time.

I took a lap on Raging Bull before heading for Batman The Ride, the latter celebrating its twenty year anniversary this year. The latter was smoothly intense as always, and made for the perfect ending to my trip.

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Six Flags Great America

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